Having more than 7 years experience as a ILETS training I am giving my 100% to RCINI. Communication and personality development has a key role in any profession.  India, today, has the largest diaspora population in the world. With over 15 million people from India living abroad, the numbers are only set to increase with time. The Indian community is spread across all major regions of the world. All indications point towards an increase in the mass movement of students and professionals between countries.

The lack of conversions in the number of students aspiring to go abroad and those that are able to points at a gaping lack of interface between students and education providers. We, at RCINI, work as market facilitators who enable students and professionals to seek quality education and a successful career abroad. We play the role of a medium for people to achieve what they have been dreaming of so far. We provide the right path to those seeking for a way to live their dreams of being global citizens. We are merely that final deciding push for people to achieve their destiny.

RCINI provides a rich and lively experience to the students which helps them to develop excellent habits, poise and self confidence, a positive attitude.