nanny is a person who provides child care. Typically, this care is given within the children’s family setting.Throughout history, nannies were usually servants in large households and reported directly to the lady of the house. Today, modern nannies, like other domestic workers, may live in or out of the house, depending on their circumstances and those of their employers.

The aim of the course is to familiarize students in aspects of child care in preparation for a career involving the care, development, education and safety of young babies and children from newborns to adolescents.

According to New Rules you can pursue the nanny course:

The Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot replace the Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots and provide eligible caregivers with a pathway to permanent residence once they’ve acquired two years of Canadian work experience. Caregivers with work experience in NOC 4411 (excluding foster parents) will be eligible for permanent residence through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot. Caregivers with work experience in NOC 4412 (excluding housekeepers) will be eligible for permanent residence through the Home Support Worker Pilot. Both the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot will only provide work permits to caregivers who have a job offer in Canada and who meet the following criteria:

  • Language tests results showing a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5
  • One year of Canadian post-secondary education or the foreign equivalent
  • Immigration admissibility to Canada

Caregivers already working in Canada on a work permit who meet these criteria can also apply for permanent residence through the new pilots. Each program will accept a maximum of 2,750 principal applicants each, for a total of 5,500 principal applicants, per year. The pilots also provide:

  • Occupation-specific work permits for caregivers, providing the ability to change jobs quickly if necessary.
  • Open work permits for spouses/common-law partners and study permits for dependent children, to allow the caregiver’s family to accompany them to Canada.

Employers hiring a caregiver from overseas will no longer need a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Duration of the nanny course:  is 6 months, 1 Year couse is also available for those who want to do advance course in nanny or caregiver profession.

Qualification Requirement for nanny training: Plus Two (Nanny for canada join this course and get work permit for canada and settle with your family. For those who want to sellted in Canada) 

Nanny Course Fee: 60000/- for Six months Class room theory & practicals training in nanny/caregiver profession


Nanny Course in Nawanshahr: 

We are located near bus stand Nawanshahr, Punjab so that girls or boys can visit our office those comes from villages. 

Why we are the first choice for nanny training in Nawanshahr, Punjab. Students who are interested to make their career as a nanny in Nawanshahr, Punjab or abroad specialy in Canada or other countries they can join us.

Free Career Consultations
Well Educated Staff for Students
Safe Atmosphere for Girls
Self Oriented Study Material and exam on completion of training.
Efficient & experienced teachers.
Easy Access Location (App. 2-4 minutes distance from Sbs, Nagar, Nawanshahr, Punjab)
Lowest Tuition Costs
Training in old age senior citizen home.
Training in Red Cross Centre Chandigarh.
Training in speical Schools 
Training in Multi speciality Hospital

If any one need nanny in Nawanshahr they can contact us we also provide nanny for live in Nawanshahr, Punjab or live out nannies for Nawanshahr. 

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