After completion of my B.Sc. Nursing I find that Nanny/caregiving is a noble profession but only to those who have the aptitude of caring and attitude of serving others. Choosing a right career is a dilemma for most of the students who have just completed their schooling and graduation.  Every parent intends to place his / her child into good courses that would offer a bright future. Choice of a career and placement is a challenging process because of lack of Guidance and increasing competition.

However, the youth must never compromise with their vision (dreams) and aspirations and enter into any occupation just because there was no other option. Nanny/caregiver, during recent times has emerged as a promising career choice (rather an option), for many a young boys and girls. This is evident from the rapid mushrooming of institutions, offering nanny/caregiving education. The nanny/caregiver course is a vocational course having a good scope in abroad and a noble profession.

Caregiving offers rewarding career opportunities both in service sector as well as private practice within India and abroad. Study of nanny and its practice involves hard work and excellence. At the same time it offers an opportunity to serve people and make good earning. The job of a nanny/caregiver requires working during shift duties  in different settings, caring for multi dimensionally needs of people  handling emergencies, solving problems  making decisions  teaching and counseling people in their homes, workplaces, schools; and calls for high sense of duty even at the cost of sacrificing ones comfort.