How we give 100% Job Guarantee?

We don’t promise what we cannot fulfill!

First, there is no lack of training institutes which promise 100%    placement or 100% Job Guarantee. So, why you should believe us? How we are different from other institutes which also promise the same?

Unlike big Brand Training institutes, which promise Job guarantee and ultimately places their students in call centers, customers support or the companies which are not relevant to what they have learnt.

We provide you placement in nanny agencies, family day care centres, playways/creches only and there is no change in this.

Here are the solid reasons why we are different and how we give 100% Job placements.

If you are our existing student who might be reading this, you may call us and give us challenge to this fact. Fortunately, you will find no one who did not get job after completing the course.

Either they found job themselves easily, or we helped them in placements. In both the cases there  are solid reasons and those are: our high quality course content which are as per current industry standard and qualified and experienced trainers, who teaches the students with full effort.

Who did not get placements:

One who enrolled to us but did not complete the course because of their personal reasons.  Or there were students who learnt the course for their own business purpose and they did not need placement.

What are criteria for 100% Job guarantee?

There are various nanny training institutes in Punjab which tells you that they provide 100% Job placement. But, they have several hidden terms and conditions which they do not tell at the time of admission. Once you ask for the Job placement after completion of the course, they show you long list of terms and conditions and then you fail to fulfill the criteria.

Unlike other companies, we don’t have hidden terms and conditions. We have only two conditions to fulfill.

  1. A)  You must complete the course successfully and also complete the projects which are included in the course.

Think from bottom of your heart and tell me is there any company in the world which can give you job without completing the course? None! Also, unless you successfully complete the course how can you work in Job market? So, first condition is not hard at all Yeh?

  1. B) You must not skip your classes frequently.

As regards our second condition, if you are frequently absent from your class that means you are not serious about your career. Whether, its academic education or nanny/caregiver education, you must learn dedicatedly only then you can stand in the Job market. So, second condition is also very logical which no student will have any objection or any problem.

Apart from these two, we don’t have any hidden terms and conditions at all.

Where we provide you placement:

Our current focus is within Punjab and Chandigarh also. Though we can help you in placement anywhere in India, but that’s not guarantee (as we have stated in the very second line, we will not promise the things which we cannot fulfill)

What should be your educational qualification for job guarantee?

We don’t have any educational qualification criteria. But since its matter of Job guarantee, your educational qualification must be as per industries’s requirements. Recruitment agencies have certain educational qualification criteria.

You must be minimum 12th pass and your English must be good.

What is average salary for fresher? Average salary for a fresher in the market is between Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 30,000.  This figure is general, but there are few candies which has got 30,000 as fresher in reputed families.

Also your first salary varies depending on how good you cover your course. Better the course coverage, higher the salary.

In which company will you get placements?

We are affiliated with Indian Nanny Association and more than 80 nanny agencies registered with them, few of them are our regular hirer. Also, we get daily email and call requests for candidates from families and nanny agencies. So much so that, we cannot even meet their demands providing candidates to them. So much is the scarcity of professionals in the Job market.